At The Wilcox Law Firm, my clients come first. I help people deal with the legal issues that arise after the death or disability of their family member or loved one. It is a difficult and confusing time for most people and I make it my cause to guide them through the process as quickly and easily as possible.

I also work with clients on probate and estate administration issues, prepare wills, estate and disability plans to aid them and their family members. While most people understand the need for a will, most are not prepared for a temporary or long term disability. I find it rewarding working with clients to develop a plan to aid them and their family in case of injury, major surgery, dementia, Alzheimer’s or other disabling situations. The proper plan allows the client to express their wishes in medical treatment and determine who and how their property is maintained when they are unable to do so. I work with families that find they need to establish a guardianship to help care and protect a loved one.

I often help individuals and families with real estate and property issues such as easements, evictions, partitions, condemnations, foreclosures, drafting deeds, property tax issues, contract for deed sales, and clearing title to real estate.

At the Wilcox Law Firm our goal is to help our clients achieve the peace of mind that comes from knowing that they are prepared for the unexpected events in life. Call me to set up a free consultation and to discuss how I can help you achieve peace of mind.